Theatre Set


Our theatre shows have produced some of our favourite moments as a band, from moments of absolute chaos in an all percussion piece to fragile moments in which some band members were reduced to tears mid-song (this actually happened!), we’ve loved them all.  When we take to a theatre stage, you may see something a little different to what you can expect in more ruckus surroundings. It gives us a chance to show another side of ourselves as performers, musicians and storytellers. Here’s an example of what we get up to during some theatre performances, including our own original compositions and our own arrangements of traditional folk songs and tunes


  1. Ashokan Farewell
  2. The Foggy Dew/Pastures of Plenty
  3. Go Lassie Go
  4. Waterbound/Tunes
  5. All in Time (Original)
  6. Fare Thee Well
  7. Irish Ways and Irish Laws
  8. Before Long/The Way (Original)
  9. The Lonesome Boatman
  10. Easy and Free
  11. A Miner’s Life
  12. Keg of Brandy
  13. There, There/Lenny’s Polkas (Original)
  14. The Parting Glass