Festival Set


Our usual festival set is comprised of a combination of both original pieces (including songs and traditional style tunes), and original arrangements of traditional and contemporary pieces, all put together in an energetic live show, perfect for festivals of any kind. We have played at festivals all over the world, always thrilling and engaging audiences, as well as enjoying ourselves in the process!

  1. The Foggy Dew
  2. Joelene/Pastures of Plenty
  3. Spancil Hill/Superfly
  4. Awkward Annie
  5. As I Roved Out/The Jackdaw
  6. Tom Billy’s Set (Tom Billy’s/The Flowers of Red Hill)
  7. There, There (Original)
  8. The Rainy Day Set – Palmersgate/Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)
  9. Percussion Piece
  10. The Rocky Road to Dublin
  11. Lenny’s Polkas (Original)
  12. Before Long/The Way (Original)
  13. Czar of Munster
  14. Radhusgata (Original)